8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Shed

8 ways to make the most of your shed

Traditionally, sheds have been used for one purpose — to store stuff. But, just because that’s how they’ve always been used doesn’t mean that’s how it has to be! Our list of 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Shed shake the shed-shaped box up. Significantly.

Starting with the obvious and working our way to the innovative, we’ll show you how to brighten, lighten and energize your life… all thanks to a new way of seeing your shed.

shed storage space

Way #1: Stake Out Some Serious Storage Space

At their very basic, storage sheds and garden sheds are meant to organize your life. They keep tools stored safe and sound inside a set structure, where they’re safe from rust and harm. Tucked inside a proper frame like that, they’re also not lying around, waiting to injure someone.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a shed, that’s wonderful. We’re not going to try to dissuade you from that worthwhile goal. But what if you had room for those tools and more?

What if you could take organization to a whole new level – maybe literally?

These days, sheds can be built to house a whole range of possibilities. Boat owners can comfortably keep their watercraft inside, better insuring the expensive equipment from weather-related damages, nicks and dents.

The same applies to ATVs and other off-roading equipment. If you love your outdoor toys and want to keep them running well, a shed could be your new best friend.

Above and beyond that – again, perhaps literally – you could store more seasonal items. You know: The stuff you love but can’t use all-year-round. Adding in a second level to your shed is a definite and surprisingly affordable possibility.

That way, those boxes, baskets and bulks are out of the way when you don’t need them. Yet they’re easily accessible when the weather’s just right.

In addition, whether upstairs or downstairs, there are always additional organizational tactics to apply. Pegboards, shelves and other such add-ons can make a huge difference in any organization-minded shed.

How about yours?

custom shed match

Way #2: Make It to Match

This might not seem like a solid way to make the most of your shed, but bear with us. The value you can add to your real estate is amazing when you design a specific sort of shed.

Think about your house. Your property. Your personality.

Now think about building a shed that matches them.

It doesn’t have to be kitschy or cutesy. Not unless you want it too. Feel free to think stately, historic or standard as well – whatever best fits in your backyard or wherever else you plan on putting it.

When you put that kind of care into a new structure on your land, it’s bound to make your property value go up. Maybe even significantly.

As such, the short-term benefits are aesthetically pleasing and practical. And the long-term benefits can be measured in gold.

backyard oasis backyard shed

Way #3: Create an Oasis Right in Your Backyard

Everyone needs a place to get away from time to time. That’s what vacations are for.

But what if you could have a mini-vacation within easy walking distance of your house? There’d be no need to pack and plan. No gas money and travel time to worry about.

To escape, all you need to do is open your backdoor and walk across the lawn.

If that sounds good, then it’s really time to start thinking outside of that shed-sized box. There’s no need to spend weeks or months knocking down walls and rewiring electricity to add onto your house. You can have your very own man cave, she-shed, art studio or lounge in far less time than that.

Gone too are the hassle and intense financial expenses when you pick out the right shed.

Electricity… climate control… finished surfaces… There are so many ways to turn this “simple” structure into your new home away from home.

guesthouse backyard shed inlaw carriage house

Way #4: Give Your Guests the Best (Without Being Bothered)

Your house might be the perfect size for your immediate family. It offers together-time space and individual space. It’s an arrangement that works well, largely keeping the peace for all parties involved.

That’s your happy norm.

Then the holidays come around, or out-of-town guests arrive at your front door. The norm naturally has to be set aside for such special occasions. Which means that someone – or someones – has to give up their room.

Just like that, peace isn’t so easily acquired.

Constructing a shed puts an end to those periodic problems, however. And no, you’re not housing your parents-in-law with the garden rakes (no matter how much you might want to). You’re giving them quality space, complete with breathing room – for all!

Like the man caves and she-sheds mentioned before, today’s sheds can be equipped with adequate insulation. Heating and cooling capabilities, finished surfaces and other amenities are not a problem.

With that arrangement, your only issue will be convincing your guests not to outstay their welcome.

home business building shed

Way #5: Turn Your Backyard Into a Moneymaking Masterpiece

Income opportunities abound for savvy craftspeople and entrepreneurs these days.

People are growing tired of the same-old same-old. The boring monotony of manufacturing and the unhealthy effects of big farming are coming under scrutiny. So consumers are looking for more personalized products as a result.

That means you can turn your hobby into a side or small business.

Ask yourself… Why not?

Of course, every business needs a proper workspace, which your home might not automatically allow. In that case, your yard could easily suffice instead.

  • If you’re a gardener, get yourself a proper garden stand and/or greenhouse to sell your organic offerings.
  • If you’re a carpenter, construct a shed that provides all the space you need for saws, chisels and worktables.
  • If you’re a painter or photographer, leave the walls artistically bare to better showcase what you can do.
  • And if you’re sewing, writing or doing any other kind of hobby that requires adequate overhead lighting, a full-out home office might be right for you.

If that sounds expensive, consider this: You can probably write off the original purchase for next year’s taxes. The same goes for whatever electricity, water and gas you use in your home office after that.

Give your hobby room to grow. Who knows… your income might too!

home playhouse shed entertainment building poolhouse

Way #6: Give Yourself Room to Play

Again, not every home, no matter how lovely, has room to run in. Maybe it did to begin with, but life has a way of surprising us.

Fortunately, a great shed makes up for that lack of crystal ball.

In other words, no matter that you had to turn the basement into a bedroom for your oldest. Don’t worry if you let your second child move back in to better start her own business. There’s no need to panic.

You’ve got plenty of options to work with.

Move your family room outside to a fully functional entertainment shed. Put in the latest and greatest TV screen with surround sound and comfy couches to lounge on.

Looking for more of a playhouse feel for the kids or for you? Design it to fit a pool table and foosball, or make it into a mini-arcade.

There’s no need to be limited just because life changed a bit. Celebrate the switches without sacrificing your sanity in the process.

The proper shed can help you confidently say, “We’ve got this.”

home gym exercise room shed loft

Way #7: Work – or Play – It Out

Family time doesn’t need to be spent in front of a screen, of course. If you’re looking to help your loved ones “unplug” a bit, a shed could be right up your backyard ally.

With more customizable options than you might realize, it shouldn’t be hard to turn a shed purchase into a game room. Make it a place to put together puzzles, play board games and otherwise enjoy each other’s company without staring at the boob tube.

Not quite your style? Fair enough. Try this on for size instead: your very own workout room. After that, there’s no need to buy costly gym memberships, which keep adding up with every spouse, son or daughter you add on.

How many ways can your very own backyard gym improve your life and the lives of your loved ones? There are too many ways to count, but most of them can at least be categorized easily enough:

  • Health Benefits – With exercise equipment within such easy reach, you’re out of excuses. That means you’re in the perfect place to build up your muscles. Strengthen your core. Improve your stamina. And see how far your brand-new healthier lifestyle takes you from there!
  • Financial Benefits – This is hardly limited to kicking those pesky gym memberships to the curb. We’re not just talking about gas and parking money either. Not even close. Improved health comes with less trips to the doctor. So unless your healthcare benefits are excessively good, you’re bound to be balancing your checkbook better.
  • Time Benefits – Gone are the precious minutes wasted on the road, fighting traffic to get to your exercise equipment. Or, for that matter, to the doctor’s nearly so much. Plus, because you’re more active now, you might just find you have improved energy to tackle those to-do lists. Don’t you keep saying you want to get them done already?

And don’t forget about the psychological benefits of exercise! Improved health, greater financial security, and more time all help to boost your outlook on life. When you’re active and engaged like that, it’s hard not to see the world through new eyes.

These aren’t rose-colored glasses either. They come courtesy of all the endorphins you keep releasing into your system. According to WebMD:

“Improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.”

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feel that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

So clearly, it’s not just us saying as much. Sheds really can be great for your overall health!

deluxe custom dog kennel doggie palace

Way #8: Give Your Pet a Proper Home

Not every pet is the indoor kind. Your animal of choice might be too big or playful to fit in your house. Possibly, he or she prefers the great outdoors.

In those cases, sheds can become their very own little retreat centers.

Turn yours into an “outfoxing” chicken coop, a horse barn or a veritable doggie mansion. Whatever shape and form your animal or pet of choice comes in, there’s a way to show it how much it, he or she means to you…

Without tearing up your house in the process.

So Many More Than 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Shed

This list is just to help get you started to change the way you think about your shed. Of course there are more than 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Shed! Don’t limit yourself! You know your needs better than we do, so feel free to add onto our list. Maybe you’ll want to:

  • Create a fully functional fort for the kiddos
  • Design a relaxing tea or sunroom
  • Set up a place to pack your business inventory before you ship it out to clients…

Sheds are far too versatile not to be exciting – or at least not to provide exciting possibilities.

Keep yours basic and simple for those ever-important traditional needs. Or spice it up for more love, laughs and living for you and your family. After all, one of the best ways to make the most of your shed is to make it yours.

Exactly what that means is completely up to you!

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